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Harmonising technology, policy and business pathways for sustainable future and coexistence

Climate change, environmental degradation, resource scarcity, poverty, and health risks are posing significant challenges for global economies. These issues complicate the post-COVID recovery and are exacerbated by recent regional conflicts and wars. Amidst these challenges, urgent action is needed to limit greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors within this decade to contain global warming at 1.5°C or 2°C and prevent escalating losses and damages.

Tackling these issues requires a collective global commitment based on trust and solidarity. Affordable technological solutions are crucial for ensuring equitable access to natural resources, safeguarding the environment and accelerating the 2030 agenda. Governments and businesses need to commit to clear policies and invest in innovative technologies that enable widespread access and cost-effective scalability, ultimately contributing to a net-zero future.

The 7th G-STIC Conference in Delhi is organised by our co-host TERI and will bring together various experts and stakeholders from around the world to harmonise technological, policy, and business solutions in response to global climate challenges, development needs, and regional conflicts. Collaborative partnerships, knowledge exchange, and innovative approaches for climate action and the sustainable development goals will be explored.

Venue G-STIC Conference in Delhi

The 7th G-STIC Conference will take place at the headquarters of our co-host TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in Delhi.

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Mr Anshuman
Mr Anshuman

Director Water Resources Division

Dietrich Van der Weken
Dietrich Van der Weken

General Manager G-STIC

Hafeez Rehman
Hafeez Rehman

Director India Operations


Previous G-STIC Conferences united 11,000 people from 140 countries with 1,500 speakers

We welcomed 4,200 participants from 140 countries to the 6th G-STIC Conference in Rio de Janeiro in February 2023.

During the 5th G-STIC Conference during World Expo in Dubai we had the honour of receiving H.E. Lazarus Chakwera, President of Malawi, who emphasized that technology and innovation are key enablers to curbing global challenges, such as climate change.

G-STIC, the Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Community

G-STIC is a growing action- and impact-oriented global expert community that accelerates the transition to wide-scale deployment of market-ready, transformative, integrated technological solutions to impact the achievement of the SDGs, 17 internationally agreed ambitious goals to move the world to a more sustainable future by 2030.

The G-STIC Conference is one of the world’s largest events and key meeting places for technological innovation and sustainable development. The G-STIC Conference builds bridges between policymaking (both public and private) and technological innovation at global, regional and national/local levels.

Supported by 9 international co-hosts from Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and South Korea

G-STIC is hosted jointly by VITO (the prime research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development in Belgium) and 8 other not-for-profit independent technology research institutes: CSIR (The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa), FIOCRUZ (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil), GIEC (Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, China), JITRI (Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, China), MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy), NACETEM (National Centre for Technology Management, Nigeria), STEPI (Science and Technology Policy Institute, South Korea) and TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute, India).

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